Network Marketing Tip – How to Leverage Your Time, Effort and Money

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Every network marketing company boasts of a compensation plan that creates passive income through leverage. Yet majority of people who join the business fail because they do not understand how leveraging works. Most people fail because their focus is on recruit, recruit, recruit, numbers, numbers, numbers… It is a race against time and others to recruit before someone else does. Now you have hundreds of recruits who don’t know where they are going. You don’t have time either to build relationships or train so many of them. They are left helpless on their own. They start dropping out in hoards. You are back again recruit, recruit, recruit. This is definitely not leveraging your time or effort.

There are marketers who can recruit dozens, even hundreds, of people through the motivation of greed. But when it comes to something sensible and worthwhile, they shy away from becoming involved. This is because they think network market is just a numbers game. They tell their new recruits that they will have spill overs in their downline. That there is no work involved. Lies, lies, lies and more lies… With this kind of thinking they will attract recruiters who think the same way. No wonder a culture of ‘no work’ sets into the organization and the network collapses. They are now back to recruit, recruit, recruit through more greed and lies.

If you have to leverage then you have to sponsor, sponsor, sponsor and Retain, retain, retain. There is a big difference between a recruiter and a person who sponsors. A recruiter is interested only in numbers. The sponsor on the other hand takes upon himself the responsibility for the growth and the welfare of the person he has sponsored.

People who treat their network as numbers never succeed in this business. To succeed you have to remember your network consists of human beings who have hopes, dreams and desires. They have inadequacies, problems and financial needs. They need your help to succeed. If you are willing to coach and help them with a servant’s heart they will deliver results beyond your wildest dreams.

What is the best way to develop a solid marketing force that never leaves your network? Sponsor a few key people at a time. Give them your full time and support. Build relationships. Help them to succeed in the business and train them to do the same. You have to build your network market on the right principles to succeed. There are no short cuts. Are you willing to take the responsibility to becoming a sponsor? If so then please read on.

There are people who will tell you “just recruit a lot of distributors. You’ll get at least a few good ones that way.” Few leaders will emerge along the way and your work is done. You can then have all the passive income you need. Leaders don’t emerge in business. You have to find talent and develop them. Once in a while you can get lucky but that does not happen very often. You can’t leave your business to chance if you wish to succeed.

The bottom line: leverage is mandatory for wealth creation, and you will not become wealthy without it. You are either exercising the power of leverage for yourself, or you are serving as leverage for someone else, and building their wealth for them.

To apply leverage you have to find a network marketing company that has a very strong training and personal development program. Please also look at the credentials of the person who wishes to sponsor you. Is he committed to your success? Does your upline have requisite support systems for your training and success? Avoid network marketing companies that boast of automated recruiting system to increase numbers. You never build a network by merely having a recruiting system. Your network will collapse. To increase retention you have to have a proper support organization and training that builds relationships. Do not join a company that focuses on recruiting and numbers.

Next important thing is that people must see value in the product. Many network marketing companies fail because they do not have a product that can sustain the business. You can’t fool all people at all times. Network marketing is a relationship business that is built on good faith and recommendation. You just cannot build a strong belief system based on a weak product. The product has to sells itself because of its intrinsic value only then the retention rate of distributors in the business will increase. Leverage can work only when retention rates are high.

Lastly and most importantly people want a fair compensation for their effort in the business. There are network marketing companies that distribute only 10% to 30% of the total revenue to the distributors. An outstanding company is the one which is committed to distributing over 50% of the group volume (gv) to its distributors. People will stay in the business if they make money. Some compensation plans are heavily loaded in favor of the ‘heavy hitters’ or the people who reach higher levels in the business. These plans do not adequately compensate the new distributors for their effort in the business. This results in new distributors getting disillusioned and dropping out. This is very bad for the business. For leveraging to work retention is the golden key. To succeed in network marketing the business model or the compensation plan has to work correctly. Initial cost of joining the business, risk involved, return on investment (ROI) and the break even point have to be properly balanced out. The new distributors will stay in business if they can recoup their initial investment in the shortest possible time and start making profit from the business. The plan has not only to be generous but also very equitable and rewards those who put effort into their business. If the new distributors can recoup their initial investment and can be in profit within few weeks of joining the business, they will not leave the business. This makes great business sense because the retention levels will be very high and the leveraging power of the business will kicks in.

Leveraging which is the basic principle behind network marketing can work only if the network you create has the power not only to sustain itself through high retention rate but also to expand itself exponentially once it is created and set up correctly. This can happen if there are right kind of training and support systems, belief in the quality of the product and a fair, equitable and generous compensation plan in which new distributors can start earning money in the shortest possible time.

Christian Faith Without Works?

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When others around you look at your life, do they know that God loves you? Can people tell by your actions that you belong to God? Do they know you are a follower of His? Remember, the evidence is in your words, actions and deeds. The most important thing you could ever know and show is that God loves you. His love truly changes us. His love empowers us. His love takes us to new levels. His love gives us eternal life.

When you make a wrong choice or do something that displeases Him, most times, you know it immediately. There is uneasiness that you feel inside of you. The Christian Bible tells us that Christian faith without works is dead. That means if you do not put your faith into action, it is not really faith, it’s just nice ideas. But when God truly does work in our lives, it affects everything about us – our words, our thoughts, and our actions. How do you know someone is kind, how do you know someone is gentle, how do you know someone is generous? How do you know someone is a follower of Christ? By their Christ-like actions!

“You are generous because of your faith. And I am praying that you will put into action the generosity that comes from your faith as you understand and experience all the good things we have in Christ.” Philemon 1:6, (NLT).

Paul says in his letter to the Thessalonians with a compliment and exhortation about how well they were living. He could truly see God’s love in them. He told them that the way they responded to the Gospel and the way the Holy Spirit confirmed their faith was evidence that God was holding them in high esteem. In other words, by their daily actions, they were letting God’s love truly show through them.

Open your heart fully and receive His love today. Then turn around and love Him in return by truly following His commands. We all have areas that we can come up higher in, but the Good News is that God is always at work in our lives to mold us and make us more like Him. Ask Him to search your heart and mind today. Surrender any area of your life that is not pleasing to Him. As a Christian, invite Him to have His way in your life, and allow Him to finish His perfect work in you!

“For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” Philippians 2:13, (NLT).

Always know that He didn’t just give you the desire to please Him; He gave you the power to please Him, too! He did not just call you; He equipped you! Follow that inner prompting so that your actions will line up with what God puts in your heart. He wants you to continue growing spiritually. His plans and purposes for your life are always good. And when you are submitted to Him, nothing can stop the Almighty God from accomplishing great things in and through you!

Family-eStore will try to provide you with articles of interest to a Christian and patriotic way of life. The articles are written by Steven Coffman (Owner) of [], (National Essay Contest) winner 1969.

I am a person with strong Christian and patriotic beliefs. Tenacity, faith, and a belief in God, Country and Family are key components to success in life.

The Christian articles are only intended to bring you closer in your relationship to our Father in heaven.

The Patriotic articles are only intended to show pride and patriotism to our “Land of the free and home of the brave”, (The United States of America).

Knowledge Can Be a Powerful Tool For Our Children – And Parents Too!

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Knowledge – The fact or condition of having information or of being learned. Once we become aware of something, then we can apply information and learn how to do things more effectively and reach the result we want.

Parents, we want to bring your attention to the ideas of praise versus encouragement with our children. Praise focuses on the external things such as the end result. Children can begin to think that we only love them based on their performance. Being the greatest, the best, number one, the winner, etc.This slowly begins to teach our children about perfection and a fear of failure.

We need to balance praise with encouragement. Encouraging our children focuses on the internal values/characteristics such as creativity, kindness, perseverance and courage. Encouragement focuses on the amount of effort, accepting the outcomes and teaches our children that it is okay to be imperfect. Celebrate your imperfections, how you feel when you are doing something new and worthwhile and enjoy the activity.

Encouraging Phrases You Can Use:

*I love that you enjoy playing outdoors!
*Thank you for sharing your apple with your sister. That was very generous of you.
*What a creative way of drawing a butterfly! Good for you!
*I am proud that you decided to choose a glass of water instead of a can of soda. That was a very responsible decision you made for your health!

Each statement reinforces intrinsic characteristics that they can internalize and take with them as they grow up. They hear and understand that they are generous, creative, and responsible and they love to play. They do not have to be the best or win anything for your love. You love them for being themselves!

YoMedics™ is an innovative health and fitness organization founded by two mothers, health advocate and educator, Heather Quillen, and pediatric physician, Lisa R. Ramey, D.O. The dynamic health duo understands the key to fighting the growing health problems plaguing our society is through education. In the YoMedics™ child weight loss program and child optimal weight program, children are led through an entertaining journey for twelve weeks that uses characters and games to help them develop the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle choices now and later in life. The weight loss programs for children offer a way to be healthy and have fun at the same time. Through health and nutrition education today, YoMedics™ is building a brighter future for tomorrow’s leaders.

Independent Marketing Organizations Revise Postcards, Response Up 45%

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Your insurance post card is a large megaphone, alerting qualified prospects to take priority action and respond instantly. What a difference basic writing skills combined with descriptive words and actions verbs can do to stimulate the prospect. For independent marketing organizations the sales message absolutely must accomplish the purpose of attracting more qualified agents and brokers.

Using a quality prospect list and a terrific postcard easily produces a 33% increase in leads. By injecting action verbs and descriptive adjectives it is possible to squeeze the bottle harder. The final makeover shoots boiling hot response to a 45%.increase. All this without spending a penny more


New Announcement

Dear Reader. we wanted to pass this information on to you. Our combined 95 years of home office experience has made us one of the top sellers of insurance, with our headquarters in Omaha. Nebraska. Everyone buys insurance, although it takes some convincing.

We are expanding to California, and need 3 new representative to fill the position of District Manager of Sales. Only the best managers qualify for a new paid Lincoln lease for a year. The best 12 also attend the convention at a resort in Maui, Hawaii. Joining a large firm like ours is good for you and your family.

If interested call 555-555-5555. Thank You.


The Dream Career Opening of a Lifetime Awaits You

Finally advance forward to bankers hours, while accumulating attractive benefits exceeding your wildest dreams.

Your full incentive menu includes sunny daytime work hours, a guaranteed salary, major medical health insurance, generous recruiting funds, an exclusive territory, and superior overrides on agents hired.

Of 110,000 California licensed agents, this massive initial list was examined and scrubbed down to 1%. You and 1,100 top-notch selling agents were keenly selected as having the highest caliber abilities.

When the three slots are filled, this offer will terminate. Pick up the phone and call Rich Moneymaker, our expert regional manager at 555-555-5555 between 9:00 and 5:00. To talk to Rich, beyond normal business hours, email him. Rich will respond quickly to your email sent to rmoneymaker at

P.S. Rich will be locked in his office all next week, with the sole purpose of hiring three aggressive, and advancement orientated managers.

This enhanced postcard covers necessary sales points, and excites the prospect by injecting descriptive words.

Here’s a spirited list of 50 descriptive adjectives shoving blah out, and ramming oh yeah in:

Dream, immaculate, priority, instant, elevated, frantic, remarkable, genuine, mysterious, sticky, precision, wildest, massive, optimistic, professional, top-notch, full, positive, generous, keenly, superior, slick, marvelous, reflective, progressive, heroic, ripe, persuasive, fantastic, outlandish, mammoth, increased, valuable, heavenly, outstanding, knockout, sparkling, motivational, priceless, healthy, positive, serene, rosy, famous, loyal, glorious, passionate, intelligent, magnetic, special, outstanding, and radiant,.

For the driving force that steers action pushing positive responses here are 50 action verbs.

Capture, showcase, regain, dissected, opening, launch, focus, engineered, advance, navigate, achieving, howl, scrubbed, accumulating, yearning, aggressive, injecting, quicken, transforming, investigate, venture, predict, surprise, locked, exciting, tantalize, outmaneuver, ramming, scream, probe, shoving, interject, prove, astounding, overpower, witness, motivate, qualify, visualize, scrutinize, igniting, monitor, revealing, speculate, transmit, validate, tailor, succeed, forecast, unleash, inspire, and motivate.

These 100 words are part of over 3,000 impressive and motivating actions verbs & adverbs and power phrases in out insurance vault. Fuel your insurance sales message by injecting six to twelve high impact words. You will fire up a wildfire response.